Christian Louboutin

Red on Red With my darling Christian Louboutin, The Man that I Love, Respect and been Wearing his shoes for over 13 years now:-) his humbleness has Always been the same ❤️❤️❤️ FARSI.. Ba Doste Azize man Christian Louboutin. @louboutinworld


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Megan Hess

It’s always a pleasure to see the beautiful Megan. Congratulations @meganhess_official for your book tour. Lovely event in the fairmont @fairmontthepalm Where I live :-) FARSI. Toye Megan Hess fashion event.


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R.I.P my Beauty I have no words 1 of my Saddest days in life, I lost a sister, an amazing friend, a flower, a sunshine that always brightened the darkest times.

Yassy my Love I don’t know what do or what to say beside that you will Always be in my heart❤️ I already miss your laughter, you were the strongest person I knew, you were a fighter❤️you left us so suddenly.  Love you Always and ForEver, Your Twennie . Please pray for her ❤️❤️

FARSI. Roze kheily sakhte baraye man. Yeki az behtarin dostam fot kard barayesh litfan doa konid


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Corinthia Hotel London

Finally I landed in London after a long flight. A fantastic gentleman from the Corinthia hotel picked me up from the airport. I arrived to the Beautiful Corinthia 5-star Victorian hotel in London (City Centre) near Trafalgar Square.This luxury hotel is located in the heart of London, walking distance from Benjamin Franklin House, Trafalgar Square, and Nelson’s Column. Also nearby are Big Ben and St. Martin-in-the-Fields. The staff are so kind and Amazing. I highly Recommend this Hotel to all of my Viewers.

In the evening my girlfriend Lucy picked me up and we went to Nobu were I met Michael and Johan my good friends. We all had dinner and then went to the Arts club and after that we went to Lulu’s which is now my absolute Favorite place in London. I had an Amazing time..And today I am going to a wedding dress fitting and cake tasting for my girlfriend at Vera Wang. I will update you with all the photos in few days.Xoxo

IMG_2223 IMG_2234 IMG_2249 IMG_2380 IMG_2374 IMG_2371 IMG_2391 IMG_2363 3849185_68_b 3849185_66_b 3849185_67_b 3849185_78_b 3849185_40_b 3849185_39_b 3849185_38_b 3849185_31_b


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The Emirates Woman Awards

With my darling Sophia the Editor of The Emirates Woman❤️@sophiaserinstyle always Classy, Graceful and Beautiful 8 years ago after 3 days that I landed in Dubai the Emirates Woman Awards was the first prestigious Gala in Dubai that I attended.

Each year for the past 8 years I have been part of this amazing gala. Sophia and the Emirates woman team I’m so proud of you guys , well done❤️ Wearing from My own Collection @ninazandniabrand Nina Zandnia. Hair done by the one and only @yasbeautyspa Tony. FARSI. Toye Emirates Woman Awards ba doste azizam Sophia❤️ lebasam az @ninazandniabrand

14633509_10155164344050260_1911874400348347473_o 14682093_10155163031270260_1193867375065249798_o 14711621_10155162637150260_6117242061305477787_o


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Look of the day at work. Wearing; Dvf, Prada, Louboutin, Hermes, Birkin. FARSI. Tippe Emroz


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Long or Short hair?

Good evening everyone. So do you like my hair Shorter or Longer? Deciding for how do have my hair for my next TV Show.  FARSI. Dostaye azi, shoma Mohaye man ro bishtar kota ya Boland dostarin? Khahesh mikonam be man begin ke toye barnameye Televizionam kodomro dashte basham?  Look of Day. Wearing Celine head to toe.❤️FARSI. Tippe Emroz. Roze khobiro baraye hame Arezo mikonam

14435358_10155119929675260_7141719335974321359_o 14425546_10155118847080260_5788598141125894933_oLook of Day. Wearing Celine head to toe. Love my short hair. ❤️ FARSI. Tippe Emroz. Roze khobiro

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LA VIE Clinic




This is where magic happens @lavieclinic with dr @drruby1 My face and skin NEVER felt this amazing as it is feeling now, glowing and tightened. I’m not getting paid to write this but it truly is magic. DR Rubi did like a acupuncture to my face Thread lift literature,
Thread Lift is a procedure which involves elevating different parts of the face, neck and body using special threads without having to make surgical incisions.
Free floating cogged threads which do not need to be suspended in order to hold the lift. Thread Lift is usually performed using a local application of anesthesia cream. Recovery is generally quick post procedure.

The reason this procedure is unique when done by Dr. Ruby as it’s done under local application of anesthesia cream, painless, no swelling, no bruising, and the results are instant.

She use as many threads needed as she doesn’t want to compromise on the result, she does half face and the patient can see instant result. And then complete the procedure.
It’s an art which has to be done under proper planning. Result last for more than a year.
And Dr. Ruby always keep extra threads for follow up cause when needed she does a touch up also. FARSI. Ba behtarin Doctore Pos

Check the video here


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Favorite pick of the day!

Must have!!!

From left Chloe, Roberto Cavalli, Christian Dior and Alberta Ferretti

f8e5c772b1b77fb7c4d0587e4c2eaad1celebs do double denim

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Best Designers

With @olivier_rousteing A beautiful soul and an amazing designer for Balmain, with my darling Domenico Dolce @dolcegabbana , with the man that I love and only wear his shoes Christian Louboutin @louboutinworld and with Roberto Cavalli @robertocavalli that designed my first Red Carpet outfit for AFI awards 16 years ago. I loved fashion since the age of five and have a mother that taught me everything, I had the pleasure to work and get dressed by some of the best designers in the world since the age of 15 when I started my TV career. I had the pleasure to work with some of them, spend time with some of them and become friends with some of them. ❤️ FARSI. Ba behtarin designeraye azize man. Balmain, Dolce&Gabbana , Christian Louboutin and Roberto Cavalli.




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