ebay FIGHT!!!

It so Frustrating to bet on ebay. I found The bag that I want so desperately and badly and it is the Hermes 40 Cm “birkin” Camel Color Gold Plate . The bag is 3 years old and looks amazing. I personally like bags that look a bit older rather than brand new. The betting price so far is 13 000 Aed. This annoying Person that is called Antar, that By the way in Farsi means A DONKEY is trying to piss me off by betting always 20 AED above me all the time, what ever I put she puts 20 more.. she has managed to irritate me for the past few days. She surly is a Donkey…;-)

Hello..Hello My baby Love.. Your Destiny is to be with Nina Zandnia;-)

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3 comments on “ebay FIGHT!!!

  1. Rafia on said:

    haha that’s funny,..Things people can do to annoy..haha

  2. Christine Lövendahl on said:

    hahaha I laughed so hard at that donkey comment!! I’m glad to hear that you took her over and won yourself that beautiful baby :)

  3. Hunter Hawrylak on said:

    The applications style are all incredibly awesome to look at… thanks for your inspiration

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