Afffair Show Time!!

Show time.

We all woke up very early and got to the venue to prepare for the Fashion Event. I have to say that our Team are beyond amazing. The models were getting ready Backstage and 59 other people were working to set up the venue which took place at one of the most beautiful places in Milan Palazzo Serbelloni.. Funny enough Roberto cavalli was having his show at the same place the next day. But hands down we had Hotter Models and the venue looked better when Afffair had the show:-) Sorry Roberto, but we Won this time, but I still Love you.;-)

The stress and the adrenalin and the excitement started to run through our veins. Ali Is the First Iranian designer that has been showcasing In Milan Fashion week,  As we all know I have done All the fashion weeks around the world for so many years, but working with Afffair was beyond Magical. I am so proud of them and I know as a fact that there are no limits for these 2 boys and they will reach beyond the stars. I mean if the head of Milan fashion week express her self and Explain the feeling and touch that she has with the brand, and also say that she believes Afffair will be a major Fashion House in the future, then,, I guess that means something.

The event was magical, the guests were exceptional, the Turkish Dancers were sensational. They dancers took you into a trans. All the guests were mesmerized.  Let’s just mention few of the publications that were there. Italian Vogue. Marie Clare, Esquire, Fashion Tv, Italian Tv, Tv Moda and many more. So you can only imagine how amazing the turn out was.This is just the begging of this brand, you all need to keep your  eyes open and follow them, because sooner than later  they will take over the fashion world in Men’s Wear..

The imports guests and stars that Attended were the Following:

Jane Reeve, CEO Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana
Cavaliere Boselli, President Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana
Maria Vittoria Pozzi, Director MARIE CLAIRE
Alan Prada, Editor in Chief UOMO VOGUE
Giampietro Baudo, Editor in Chief MILANO FINANZA FASHION
Giulia Pessani, Editor in Chief GENTLEMAN
Carlo Antonelli, Editor in Chief GQ ITALIA
Flavia Colli Franzone, Editor in Chief FASHION ILLUSTRATED
Carlo Ducci, Features Editor VOGUE ITALIA
Alice Furnari, VOGUE ITALIA
Stefano Sincini CEO TOD’S
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