Gaetano Vivo

A voice and hands of an angel, that is how I can describe Gaitano Vivo for you. I had the pleasure to meet 1 of the Worlds Best Healer and Reiki Master Mr Gaetano. He came to my house and visited me and did a healing session for me. Let me put it this way, it felt that I was sitting with an Angel, and after that session my whole state of mind have changed to a positive perspective in Life and i Love it. This is something that I recommend to all my Friends, Family and my Dear Readers to do next time he is visiting UAE. I feel so much more alive.;-)

He is my Angel;-)

About Gaetano Vivo
Founder of the Reiki Wellness Center with offices in London and Naples. Gaetano Vivo is Reiki Master Teacher Gaetano Vivo has discovered Reiki and the spiritual quest thanks to the many trips and business trips abroad. He graduated in 1989 in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures and modern Istituto Universitario Orientale of Naples, he worked as an interpreter and translator. Residing long in the United States of America, came into contact with traditional and natural healing techniques. There was a direct student of William Lee Rand the creator of the Karuna Reiki ™, then studied and worked with Doreen Virtue PhD, creator of the therapy method of Angels (Angel Therapy). In London it was the promoter of the Metaphysical Center, a place where he has developed and disseminated a method to search for the inner wisdom, to feel better with themselves and with others. Vivo is a member of the Complementary Medical Association of Great Britain, the International Association of Reiki Professionals, the Noetic Society of America, and I AM the association of Milan. His school of Reiki, Reiki Ravis Archangel Vivo International School spreads the love of Reiki with the help of the angels. Vivo has developed an effective method of relaxation and completely innovative, which aims to transform or improve the lives of people. The program combines in an organic method of Usui Reiki and Karuna method, the therapy of the Angels, the use of crystals, colors, sounds and aromas. The work was supported by Gaetano Vivo and published by magazines, radio and television American, English and Italian. In an article in the London tabloid “Evening Standard”, the famous commentator Judy Rumbold wrote: “The fear that I had taken just before reaching the appointment proved completely unfounded. The result was immediate well-being as soon as the Master Vivo rested gently warm hands on my head. I felt that a chorus of hallelujah chorus of cherubs and I had been together until all the way back. ” One of the most sensational statements of Rumbold at the end of treatment was: “The Reiki balances the body and mind, believe it or not!” It ‘s the author of Angels of Transparency text that teaches how to find and heal the inner child inside the ‘soul of each of us, in 2010 produced “Archangelic Nature Meditations”

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