Filming The QODE…

Woke up very early today because I was filming and Directing Former Image Nation Now The QODE’s Video for their Launch. I only had 2 hours of sleep so I was extremely tired, But when I got to the location and saw Ayman Fakoussa and Dipesh Depala and the girls I suddenly woke up. They all looked so Stunning and what a team they are..!!! THE QODE ROCKS!!!! The shoot went very well and we all had a blast, I think it was funny for the girls to see me like this, when I was getting down and dirty on the ground filming, they always see me in High heels and Gowns;-)

Concentrating on getting the right angle;-)

Lying on the ground filming the ceiling and getting Dirty;-)

Dipesh Looking Cool…;-)

My Ayman is Tom today.. Mission Possible;-)

Forgot to write about last night, we all went to Chocol’Art event and after to SACOOR. It was Me, Asma and Ahmed.. OMG we had so much fun at the chocol’Art.. we took so many Crazy photos and we felt that we were 5 years old Again;-) The SACOOR Event was Extremely boring, and I really mean EXTREMELY BORING.. did not even understand what the event was about?? Hmmmmm Oh well…

On my way home I stopped by the Cirque du Soir night club were My dear friend Wadih Elnajjar is the ambassador for, it was my First time there at the club, and as we know I HATE MOST OF THE CLUBS IN DUBAI..But I really enjoyed Cirque becuse they had DWARF entertainment and really nice Dancers there., And I got to hold the cutest Dwarf in the world, His little hands were sooo Adorable, I wanted to steel him ;-)

Me and Arash (Alex) My dear dear friend of Many years from London.. Love him, love his wife and Love their baby that is coming to the world soon;-) No comments of this picture.. LOL….

OMG.. I just love this photo.. sooo funny…With my Talented Ahmed, He is sooo IN;-)

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